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The structure of Capacitive Touch Sense the lower circuit can be Mylar , FPC or PCB. When fingers contact the circuit, causing the capacitance changes, the circuit in the controller can detect the change.

The greater the capacitance change, the better the detect effect. Below are the main factors to influence the effect.

  • The size, shape and deploy of the keypad.
  • The width and length of the wiring on the keypad.
  • The type and feature of the matching control IC.
The key features for Capacitive Touch sense:
  • Able to bend with product appearance.
  • Able to design with single point mode, sliding mode.
  • Backlighting design brings the product a sense of avant-garde technology.
  • Diversified choices for front panel material enable to enhance product quality and durability. The options are:  strengthen glass, normal glass, PMMA, PC, PET ... etc.
Applicable products: electronic locks, 3C products, car audio air-conditioning control panel