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3G Technology's surface capacitive touch panel is made of all new materials and processes that make it more durable and reliable. We offer you standard sizes from 5.8" to 32". The capacitance change when a finger or a conductive object touches the capacitive touch panel, and then the touch position is calculated and reported through capacitive touch panel controller.

Characteristics: waterproof, anti-scratching, high transmittance, endure high temperature and harsh environment.

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Circuiting Rating 5V DC, 35mA
Contact Bounce <3ms
Transmittance 90%~>95%
Surface Hardness ≧7
Expectancy Over 225 million times
Operating Temperature -20 °C ~+70 °C (20%RH~85%RH)
Storage Temperature -40 °C ~ +85 °C(10%RH~90%RH)