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FPC (also called flexible PCB) has plenty of advantages such as light, thin, flexible and anti-interference, which can conform to your high standard requirement. In addition to the basic single sided type, we offer double sided FPC, and multi-layers type.

FPC can be applied to wearable device, 3C products, headlight, timer, LCD, etc.

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Base material PI (Polyimide)
Thickness of base copper 18µm/35µm (standard thickness)
Largest size Single Sided-550mm x 250mm
Double Sided-500mm x 250mm
Min. hole diameter of drilling ø 0.15mm / 6mil
Min. hole diameter of punching ø 0.5mm / 20mil
Min. Trace width / Min. Space 0.075mm (3mil)
Peeling strength 1.0kg.f /cm
Multi-layers Up to 4 layers
Passive Component Min. 0201
Connector Min. Pitch 0.3mm
Stiffener PI (Polyimide), PET (Polyester), FR4, Metal
Solder heat Temp PI (Polyimide) :280°C / 10sec
Surface Treatment Gold plating:Ni:1um~4um + Au:0.05um~0.1um
Immersion Gold:Ni:1um~4um + Au:0.03um~0.09um
Immersion Tin:2µ" ~ 40µ"
Tin Plating:200µ"~1000µ"
Dimension Tolerances Conductor Width:±0.03mm~±0.05mm
Outline Dimension:±0.1mm~±0.03mm
Apply Coverlay Tolerance:±0.3~0.5mm
Hole Diameter:±0.1mm
Finish products testing

ICT (In Circuit Test): proceed testing for SMT components to make sure the components locations are correct.

FCT (Function Test): proceed testing after SMT, but need customer provide us the fixture or machine.